A Different Beat

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Short and Sweet

A Different Beat

Who are they, these people we will never forget? And what is it about them that makes them so memorable?

Whether they are friends, family members, or acquaintances, they make an impact because they’re true originals. One-of-a-kind. They’re also the people we love to tell others about.

Discover the stories of 41 unique individuals who have left an indelible mark on the world as they stay true to themselves and dance to their own beat.

Contributors: Becky Alexander, Karen O. Allen, Mary Alice Archer, Lanita Bradley Boyd, Nancy Brashear, David Buster, Julie Ann Chase, Jeanie Connell, Dennis Conrad, Bonnie Culp, Lin Daniels, Jorja Davis, Nicey T. Eller, Pam Groupe Groves, Leah Hinton, Patricia Huey, Penny L. Hunt, Liz Kimmel, Ali Larkin Kincaid, Susan Cheeves King, Rachel Lulich, Terry Magness, Jill Allen Maisch, Cristina Moore, Alice H. Murray, Tony Nester, Shelley Pierce, Ken Proctor, Reba Rhyne, Susanna Shutz Robar, Marcella Ruch, Michelle Ruschman, Cybele Sieradzki, Lisa Worthey Smith, Judee Stapp, Marilyn Switzer, Amy Lynn Taylor, Marilyn Turk, Kenneth Avon White, Kim Wilch, Andrea Woronick


Royalties from the sale of this book will be donated to World Christian Broadcasting.

Compiled and Edited by Susan Cheeves King

140 pages