Short and Sweet Goes Fourth

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Short and Sweet Goes Fourth


Have you ever thought that great writers need to use long, fancy words in order to tell a story? If so, you’d be wrong. The truth is, too many words, and words that are not familiar to the average person, just get in the way. Short words are powerful because they are easy to read, easy to grasp, and easy to recall. In this book, the fourth in the series, these authors prove just how effective it can be to keep it Short and Sweet — whether it’s fiction, non-fiction, or poetry.

Contributors include: Tabitha Abel, Jeff Adams, Karen O’Kelley Allen, Sharon Atwood, Adam Benson, Lanita Bradley Boyd, Adora (Jenny) Calvert, Jeanetta Chrystie, Karen Condit, Sharon Cook, Lauren Craft, Lin Daniels, Jorja Davis, Karen deBlieck, Troy Dennis, Jon Drury, Patricia A. Earl, Sharon Fincannon, Joanne Fleck, Pat Gerbrandt, Pamela Groupe Groves, Carol Harrison, Leah Hinton, Paul Aaron Hinton, Becky Hitchcock, Craig Hodgins, Doris Hoover, Patricia Huey, Sheila Humphrey, Tina M. Hunt, Liz Kimmel, Bob LaForge, Marcia Lee Laycock, Alice H. Murray, Suzanne Dodge Nichols, Marcy King O’Rourke, Debra Pierce, Shelley Pierce, Karma Pratt, Frank Ramirez, Mary Lou Redding, Reba Rhyne, Susanna Robar, Tony Roberts, Dottie Rogers, Sue Rosenfeld, Michelle Ruschman, Carol Schafer, Leslie Neal Segraves, E.V. Sparrow, Jack Scott Stanley, Kay Marshall Strom, Jewell Utt, Wilma R. Vernich, Michelle Walker-Wade, Karis Waller, Mary Hunt Webb, Kenneth Avon White, Karen Woodard, Andrea Woronick

Includes Color Photos

156 Pages

ISBN 978-1-60495-045-8

Compiled and Edited by Susan Cheeves King

Royalties for this book will be donated to World Christian Broadcasting