Mishaps and Misadventures

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Mishaps and Misadventures


When Getaways Go Awry

Considering the time and energy we spend getting ready to “get away from it all” – the extra work to get ahead on all our projects and then planning and packing for the trip – we usually don’t think about what we’ll do if things go awry. So what happens after the getaway begins, and we’re taken by surprise when we encounter all sorts of unexpected events? Hopefully we salvage our plans, make the best of things, and tuck the memories away under the category of “someday we’ll laugh about this.” 
This book is full of stories about such times. Join 41 authors as they share snapshots from their own vacation mishaps and misadventures.

Contributors: Karen Allen, Mary Alice Archer, Carol Baird, MaryAlice Calva, Lisa Cole, Lin Daniels, Susan Engebrecht, Barbara Farland, Glenda Ferguson, Pam Groves, Leah Hinton, Patricia Huey, Penny L. Hunt, Debbie Jansen, Sandra Johnson, Debra Johnston, Liz Kimmel, Debra Kornfield, Bob LaForge, John Leatherman, Allyson West Lewis, Dan Lewis, Kimberly Long, Terry Magness, Jill Maisch, Maureen Miller, Cristina Moore, Alice H. Murray, Suzanne Dodge Nichols, Theresa Parker Pierce, Sue Rice, Heather Roberts, Beverly Robertson, Kim Robinson, Martha Rogers, Desiree St. Clair Spears, Jack Stanley, Judson I. Stone, Judy Vander Wege, Shelli Virtue, Kenneth Avon White

ISBN 978-1-60495-095-3  

146 Pages  

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