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nailed it!

The Nail Salon Chronicles


On a slow morning in California, Natalie — a nail salon tech — begins praying for clients to arrive. Little does she know what God has in store when two grandmothers — one who’s recently flown from Tennessee with two grandies to visit their paternal grandparents — walk through her door with granddaughters in tow.

When Natalie begins a conversation with Vicki, they discover they’re connected by way of a mutual belief in their Savior, Jesus Christ. Planning to stay in touch, they exchange information. Not until Vicki returns home to Tennessee and connects with Natalie through Instagram and emails do they discover they’d both been praying that October morning — Natalie for clients and Vicki for God to do something spectacular or to allow someone special to cross her path so the grandies would believe God does work in people’s lives answering specific prayers today. What happened next surprised everyone…

Natalie and Vicki soon began writing together, sharing some amazing Godcidents with Young Life teens as well as adults to help the Lord transform lives.

ISBN: 978-1-60495-039-7

Authors: Natalie Banda & Vicki H. Moss