Personal Titanic Moments

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Personal Titanic Moments


When Personal Sink-or-Swim Decision

Result in Life-Changing Moments


Unexpected obstacles can loom before us at any moment. While from a distance they may appear to be the size of an ice cube, the impact they have on our lives is often the same as running straight into an iceberg at full speed.

The way we deal with obstacles can be life-changing, especially when we learn to depend on God to guide us through treacherous waters and away from disaster.
In this book, authors share 52 stories of personal titanic moments they have encountered, how they dealt with them, and what they experienced as they depended on God.

Contributors include:
Robin Bayne, Sheryl H. Boldt, Sherry Boykin, David Brannock, Dr. Timo Budarz, Mirjam Budarz, Rebecca Carpenter, Robert Cook, Lola Di Giulio De Maci, Diana Derringer, Anne Edwards, Ivette Ellis, Bobbie Ann DuPree Foshee, Gayle Fraser, Sharon Frazier, Phil Gladden, Lydia E. Harris, Jonathan Hayashi, Judith Victoria Hensley, Helen L. Hoover, Alice Klies, Diana Leagh Matthews, Bennie McDonald, Beverly Hill McKinney, Andrea Merrell, Norma C. Mezoe, Brenda Miller, Stacy Mink, Susan Boskat Murray, Dr. Jayce O’Neal, Margaret Peterson, Robert W. Rettie, Lt. Col. Robert B. Robeson, Toni Armstrong Sample, Nanette Thorsen Snipes, Rabbi Frank Stern, Sherri Stewart, Annmarie B. Tait, Myrtle Virginia Thompson, Judith Vander Wege

ISBN: 978-1-60495-053-3

180 pages

Compiled and Edited by Yvonne Lehman

Royalties are paid to Samaritan’s Purse