Cool-inary Moments

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Cool-inary Moments


Culinary Mishaps, Memories and Masterpieces

Including Real Recipes Flavored with a Little Advice

Cooking and baking provide their own adventures. From the child who learned to cook in Grandma’s kitchen to the adult who had never even tried to boil water, anyone who has ever attempted to prepare food has experienced memorable moments. That’s why most of us have a favorite culinary story. Sometimes it’s about a success. Other times it’s about a total disaster. Oftentimes, it centers on a gathering of family and friends. Whether you love to cook and bake, or stay as far away from a kitchen as possible, you’ll smile and remember your own stories when you join 46 authors as they recount cool-inary moments — good, bad, even hilarious — and share some recipes behind the stories.

Contributors: Ellen Andersen, Carol A. Baird, Carolyn Roth Barnum, Janet Beagle, AimeeAnn Blythe, Mason K Brown, Rob Buck, Penelope Carleveto, Rebecca Carpenter, Lauren Craft, Jessica H. Crowell, Lola Di Giulio De Maci, Diana C. Derringer, Terri Elders, Karen Friday, Tommy Scott Gilmore III, Lydia E. Harris, Helen L. Hoover, Tammy Karasek, Alice Klies, Nancy Julien Kopp, Barbara Latta, Yvonne Lehman, Lore Marett, Diana Leagh Matthews, Beverly Hill McKinney, Jaclyn S. Miller, Vicki H. Moss, Karen Lynn Nolan, Marilyn Nutter, Natalie Ogbourne, Kim Peterson, Robert (Bob) W. Rettie, Toni Armstrong Sample, Cybele Sieradski, Janet Sobczyk, Gloria Spears, Rabbi Frank Stern, Nate Stevens, Annmarie B. Tait, Myrtle V. Thompson, Beverly Varnado, Mary Ellen Weber, Kathy Whirity, Ann Brubaker Greenleaf Wirtz, Juanita Giberson Woodward

212 Pages

ISBN: 978-1-60495-037-3

Compiled and Edited by Yvonne Lehman