Pandemic Moments

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Pandemic Moments


Stories of the 2020 Covid-19 Outbreak


No one expected things to change drastically with the beginning of a new decade. Yet that’s exactly what happened.

Within a few weeks, the world shut down, life came to a halt, fear permeated the population, existence was threatened, churches closed, social distance and hiding faces behind masks became an everyday experience, and for many, their faith was challenged.

Join these 40 Christian authors as they share personal experiences and what they learned during this historic period when life became different for everyone.


Jamin Christian Baldwin, Bob Blundell, Patricia Butler, Rebecca Carpenter, Alexis Conrad, Karen Cook, Jenny L. Cote, Laura Craft, Diana Derringer, Cathy D. Dudley, Loretta Eidson, Carolyn Fisher, Mindy Gallagher, L.C. Helms, Melissa Henderson, Gwen Hinkle, Helen L. Hoover, Penny L. Hunt, Martha Hynson, Lily Jenkins, Sherry Diane Kitts, Alice Klies, Yvonne Lehman, Cynthia A. Lovely, Evelyn Mann, Diana Leagh Matthews, Jeri McBryde, Fran Braga Meininger, Andrea Merrell, Terri R. Miller, Marilyn Nutter, Stephanie Pavlantos, Heather Roberts, Odell Sauls, Joanne DiRienzo Schloeman, Ann Peachman Stewart, Gina Stinson, Laura Sweeney, Carrie Vinnedge, Becca Wierwille

ISBN 978-1-60495-069-4

132 Pages

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