About Us


While you might think you aren’t familiar with us, you’ve probably seen — and used — stewardship programs, Bible studies, books, or other material we’ve been writing, producing, and managing for others for 25 years.

Grace Publishing is an independent Christian publishing company, an imprint of The JoMáGa Group, LLC (pronounced joe MAY guh, and developed from the first two letters of Joshua, Matthew and Gabriel). It was founded with the intent to develop and distribute — with integrity and excellence — biblically based resources that challenge, encourage, teach, equip, and entertain Christians young and old in their personal journeys.

We are committed to providing the most effective resources possible for evangelism, discipleship, and spiritual growth and renewal. By publishing materials that help and encourage Christians everywhere to deepen their relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ, we hope to change the lives of Believers and the people their lives touch.

We focus on specific areas of a Christian’s personal journey with

  • Bible Study Guides
  • Devotionals
  • Christian Living Books
  • Christian Fiction Books
  • Leader’s Resources
  • Digital Editions

We help local churches strengthen their finances via

  • Inexpensive Church Stewardship Programs
  • Christian Education

Our intent is to make Christian authors and their works easily accessible to churches and the Christian body around the world in every form of media possible. Authors are not required to participate financially in the production or distribution of their works.

We are a traditional, royalty paying publisher that favors eBooks and Print-On-Demand over the traditional large print runs and warehoused inventories.