Stupid Moments

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Stupid Moments

62 Revealing Stories About Those Sensitive Times

and What We Learn from Them


The instant Adam and Eve bit into forbidden fruit, stupid moments became a fact of life.

The experiences can range from laughable to lamentable, humbling to humiliating. Whether they result from brilliant ideas…that weren’t, careless actions, or unanticipated circumstances, the uncomfortable aftermath often remains fresh in our minds throughout our lives.

Here, 48 authors share 62 stories illustrating that no matter what brings these moments into our lives, it’s what we learn from them that matters.

Sometimes we learn something important about ourselves. Other times we learn not to take things too seriously.

Ultimately, these moments serve to remind us we’re only human, and we always need the grace and redemptive power of Christ in our lives.

Contributors: Gloria Anderson, Joye Atkinson, Karen Nolan Bell, Mason K. Brown, Roger E. Bruner , Elsie H. Brunk, Janet Campbell, Rebecca Carpenter , Joann M. Claypoole, Sharon Blackstock Dobbs, Susan Shelton Dollyhigh, Dorothy Floyd, Theresa Jenner Garrido, Tommy Scott Gilmore, III, Diana Beamis Good, Nick Harrison, Sandra Merville Hart, Helen L. Hoover, Lillian Humphries, Terri Kelly, Alice Klies, Barbara Latta, David A. Lehman, Yvonne Lehman, Lynn Lilja, Diana Leagh Matthews, Andrea Merrell, Maggie Micoff, Marybeth Mitcham, Vicki H. Moss, Shelley Pierce, Deborah M. Presnell, Colleen L. Reece, Toni Armstrong Sample, Gloria Spears, Cindy Sproles, Nate Stevens, Fran Lee Strickland, Barb Suiter, Ann Tatlock, Leigh Ann Thomas, Donna Collins Tinsley, Audrey Tyler, Jan Westmark, Kathy Whirity, Dr. Rhett H. Wilson, Sr., Debra DuPree Williams, Jean Wilund

All author royalties from the sale of this book will be donated to Samaritan’s Purse, a nondenominational evangelical Christian organization providing spiritual and physical aid to hurting people around the world.

Stupid Moments
Compiled and Edited by Yvonne Lehman

174 pages

ISBN 10: 1-60495-021-8

ISBN 13: 978-1-60495-021-2