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Our Story


Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the 1998 TITANIC EXPEDITION


The 1998 Titanic Expedition, led by George Tulloch and PH Nargeolet, was an endeavor its members will never forget.

Now, their first-hand accounts and photos allow you to experience the journey with them as they broadcast the first live television programs from a ship, transmit the first live images from a submersible at the bottom of the North Atlantic, raise the only portion of the Titanic to have been lifted from the ocean’s depths, conduct scientific investigations, and race to outrun a hurricane.

It’s an adventure you don’t want to miss.

Contributors: PH Nargeolet, George H. Tulloch, Bill Willard, Bill Garzke, Bob Anderson, Günter Bäbler, Charles A. Haas, Bob Sitrick, Steven Biel, Charlene Haislip, Susan Wels, Maureen Lemire, Saul Rouda, Gary Hines, Cindy Tulloch, Lori Johnston, Troy Launay, Beverly Silloway, Christian Petron, Claes-Gören Wetterholm, Tim Wiehs, Mark Knobil, Stephanie Ratcliffe, Sara James, John P. Eaton, Bob McKeown, Mead Jorgensen, Bob Reid, Angus Best.

Photographs Contributed by: Günter Bäblar, Christian Petron, Charles A. Haas, Charles Gören Wetterholm, RMS Titanic Inc, Nauticos, Meade Jorgensen, Stephanie Ratcliffe, Bob Sitrick, Cindy Briggs Tulloch, Anderson Independent Mail, Maureen Lemire.

274 Pages

Over 70 Color Photos

ISBN: 978-160495-041-0

Compiled and Edited by Bill Willard