Merry Christmas Moments

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Merry Christmas Moments

51 Stories About the Wonder of Christmas

Merry Christmas! What does that mean to you? Happiness, joy, lighthearted celebration?

It does encompass all that…and so much more. It is an acknowledgment of the day set aside to remember the birth of Jesus — a time for joyful celebration if ever there was one!

The authors who have contributed to the fourth Christmas Moments book share some of their memories of Christmases Past. Their recollections range from family traditions to singular occasions — through happy times and trying times.

In its own way each story illustrates how, no matter what our circumstances, at Christmastime we find happiness and joy when we decide not to focus on ourselves or the decorations and the gifts, but choose to celebrate Christ’s birth.

If you love stories that express the wonder of Christmas, touch the heart, and stir the emotions, you will love Merry Christmas Moments.

Contributors:  Charlotte Adelsperger, Betty Mason Arthurs, Sheryl M. Baker, AimeeAnn Blythe, Tez Brooks, Rebecca Carpenter, Lauren Craft, Pat Jeanne Davis, Lola Di Giulio De Maci, Diana C. Derringer, Julie Dibble, Kristin Tobin Dossett, Terri Elders, Peggy Ellis, Gayle Fraser, Karen Friday, Tommy Scott Gilmore III, Gigi Graham, Lydia E. Harris, Helen L. Hoover, Cynthia Howerter, Alice Klies, Samantha Landy, Yvonne Lehman, Suzanne Liggitt, Diana Leagh Matthews, Beverly Hill McKinney, Mary E. McQueen, Andrea Merrell, Norma C. Mezoe, Vicki H. Moss, Karen Lynn Nolan, Dr. Jayce O’Neal, Sally Wilson Pereira, Deborah M. Presnell, Colleen L. Reece, Robert B. Robeson, Toni Armstrong Sample, Annmarie B. Tait, Beverly Varnado, Judith Vander Wege, Dr. Rhett H. Wilson, Sr.