Broken Moments

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ISBN: 1-60495-075-5

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Broken Moments


From Shattered to Masterpiece


Life is full of ups and downs, twists and turns, and as a result sometimes we believe things, even we ourselves, have become broken beyond repair. 

Yet if we will turn that brokenness over to the Master Craftsman, He will transform it from chipped, cracked, even shattered shards into a beautifully restored masterpiece. 

Instead of ruined, the very thing we grieve becomes a work of beauty, mended with veins of gold. 

Join the following authors as they share how, with Christ, true transformation is possible . . . especially in those Broken Moments. 


Nancy Kelley Alvarez, Bob Blundell, Krista Lynn Campbell, Ken Carver, Steve Carter, Lola Di Giulio DeMaci, Diana C. Derringer, Tanja Dufrene, Ashley Dutch, Joanna Eccles, Terri Elders, Peggy L. Ellis, Diana L. Flegal, Jean Matthew Hall, Lydia E. Harris, Helen L. Hoover, Alice Klies, Rita Klundt, Kathleen Kohler, Diana Leagh Matthews, Norma C. Mezoe, Lynn Mosher, Jayce O’Neal, Cheryl A. Paden, Kathy Pierson, Barbie Porter, Patricia Ritsema, Robert B Robeson, Christina Sinisi, Nanette Thorsen-Snipes, Nate Stevens. Sylvia Stewart, Annmarie Tait, Denise Valuk, Beverly Varnado  

ISBN 978-1-60495-075-5

152 Pages

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