Angels in Disguise?

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Angels in Disguise?


Kindness from a stranger can change our view of the day or even our lives, especially in trying times. If that stranger has given up something in order to be kind, we might even think of that person as an angel sent from God. 

Because at various times in their lives, each of the writers listed below has acted with great kindness – even toward strangers – it was very challenging for them to switch their focus to what someone else has done for them. Yet their stories in this book are a reminder of the way God shows up in unexpected places and through unexpected people in our unpredictable world. 


Jennifer Aaron, Becky Alexander, Karen O’Kelley Allen, Mary Alice Archer, Janet Asbridge, Adam Benson, Nancy Brashear, Susan Brehmer, Beth Brubaker, Jenny Calvert, Frank Caudle, Ann L. Coker, Patti Conn, Dennis Conrad, Sharon Cook, Lauren Craft, Lin Daniels, Karen Dorsey, Steven Duke, Sharon Fincannon, Desiree Glass, Cynthia Conner Goyang, Pam Groves, Leah Hinton, Becky Hofstad, Penny L. Hunt, Tina M. Hunt, Deb Johnston, Rich Kehoe, Liz Kimmel, Susan Cheeves King, Janice Hagood LeMaster, Dan Lewis, Terry Magness, Donna Miesbach, Cristina Moore, Donna Morse, Alice H. Murray, Suzanne Nichols, Briana Novacek, Shelley Pierce, S. E. Pruitt, Reba Rhyne, Valerie Runyan, Toni Armstrong Sample, Xavia Arndt Sheffield, Ann Clark Van Hine, Beverly Varnado, Wilma Vernich, Alyssa Wedemeyer, Kenneth Avon White, Karen Woodard 

ISBN 978-1-60495-073-1  

138 Pages  

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