Humili8ing Moments

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Tales We Wish Weren’t True


Humiliating moments. We’ve all had them. Yet today’s embarrassing experience is often tomorrow’s funny story. Often what goes best with humble pie is a dollop of humor, the ability to laugh at our mortifying moments. While it can be a challenge to write about those experiences — especially in words of one syllable — these 42 talented authors invite you to laugh with them as they share some of their most cringe-worthy stories.

Contributors: Mary Alice Archer, Adam Benson, Lanita Bradley Boyd, Jann Butts, Jenny Calvert, Dennis Conrad, Lauren Craft, Lin Daniels, Jorja Davis, Gail Denham, Pam Groves, Leah “LM” Hinton, Patricia Huey, Penny L. Hunt, Deb Johnston, Rich Kehoe, Liz Kimmel, Susan Cheeves King, Janice Hagood LeMaster, Jill Allen Maisch, Angela Mattingly, Paula Miller, Cheryl S. Moore, Cristina Moore, Donna Morse, Alice H. Murray, Marilyn Nutter, Cheryl A. Paden, Cindy Tanquary Peavy, Ken Proctor, Rachelle Reitz, Reba Rhyne, Toni Armstrong Sample, Jack Stanley, Kenda Turner, Beverly Varnado, Wilma Vernich, Alyssa Wedemeyer, Kenneth Avon White, Kim Wilch, Ed Windhausen, Andrea Woronick 


Royalties from the sale of this book will be donated to World Christian Broadcasting.  

Compiled and Edited by Susan Cheeves King  

128 pages