Grandma’s Cookie Jar

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Grandma’s Cookie Jar


and Other Stories We Love to Share


Grandmothers come in various shapes, sizes, and nationalities. They might go by Babci, Nonni, Grandma, or another name, but one thing they have in common is a special bond they create with their grandchildren.

When a grandmother wants to convey her love, knowledge, and experience to her grandkids, she spends time with them whenever possible. She shares her faith, praying with and for them. Perhaps they play games or she teaches them to do things like sew, quilt, craft, or garden. Maybe they have fun going special places together or having sleepovers at her house.

Frequently Grandma expresses love by making special food — treats, dishes, even meals she knows her grandchild loves . . . and might not get anywhere else. Lessons in cooking and baking often follow as Grammy shares the recipe.

For many people the mere mention of Grandma’s cookie jar stirs memories of special times shared with that special woman. Here, 33 authors offer their own stories — and sometimes even a favorite recipe from Grandma — for you to enjoy:

Becky Alexander, Suzanne Baginskie, Laura Bailey, Rebecca Carpenter, Diana C. Derringer, Lola Di Giulio De Maci, Joyce Dickinson, Loretta Eidson, Terri Elders, Susan Engebrecht, Carolyn Fraiser, Lydia E. Harris, Helen L. Hoover, Alice Klies, Andi Lehman, Yvonne Lehman, Diana Leagh Matthews, Jeri McBryde, Beverly Hill McKinney, Norma C. Mezoe, Lynn Mosher, Jane Owen, Heather Roberts, Carolyn Round, Leanna Sain, Joanne DiRienzo Schloeman , Pamela L. Stein, Annamarie Tait, Dianalee Velie, Lynn U. Watson, Debra DuPree Williams, Ann Wirtz, Juanita Giberson Woodward

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