Romantic Moments

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Romantic Moments

Stories of Those Special Feelings,

Romantic Relationships, and True Love


One might expect a book about romance would be written primarily by women. However, many men contributed to Romantic Moments. They have intriguing outlooks about romance, love, and marriage.

These stories vary, from humorous to serious, sad to happy, hope to disappointment, idealism to realism, and the myriad of emotions one experiences, human and divine.

Contributors: Shirley Smith Alday, Sherry Boykin, David Brannock, Michelle Connell, Josh Clevenger, Jessica H. Crowell, Mary Davis, Pat Jeanne Davis, Diana C. Derringer, Julie Dibble, Terri Elders, Virginia “Sue” Foreman, Louise M. Gouge, Tommy Scott Gilmore, III, Lydia E. Harris, Sandra Merville Hart, Joyce Ermeling Heiser, Helen L. Hoover, Lillian Humphries, Annette M. Irby, Kimberly Rose Johnson, Alice Klies, Cheryl Kurtz, Patricia Lee, Yvonne Lehman, Diana Leagh Matthews, Beverly Hill McKinney, Vicki H. Moss, Debbie Presnell, Tara Randel, Shannon Moore Redmon, Robert B. Robeson, Toni Armstrong Sample, Cindy Sproles, Nate Stevens, Donn Taylor, Myrtle V. Thompson, Karen Tyner, Jewell Utt, Barbara Wells, Dr. Rhett H. Wilson, Sr., Ann Greenleaf Wirtz, John Wozniak


Royalties from the sale of this book will be donated to Samaritan’s Purse.

Compiled and Edited by Yvonne Lehman

198 pages