Pinky Pop and Gary Gray’s Time Travel Adventure

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Paperback 089-2

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Pinky Pop
and Gary Gray’s
Time Travel Adventure

Do you like adventures? Pinky Pop and Gary Gray do.

When Pinky Pop and Gary Gray meet for a play date, they unexpectedly enter a portal to another time and place. On their adventure, they must find the talking unicorn named Mr. TK so he can help them return home.

A Jomaga House Kids book

ISBN 978=1-60495-089-2

28 Pages

Juvenile Fiction
Ages 3-8
Grades Preschool-3rd


About the Author

Shyla Fields is the author and illustrator of this exciting adventure through a portal to a very different and strange place. She has always loved to read and write stories. This is her very first book written at the sweet, young age of seven. She completed the illustrations at ten years of age.

Shyla lives in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma with her parents and two siblings. They attend Metropolitan Baptist Church in Tulsa where the children enjoy being a part of children’s church.

Happy reading! Enjoy the adventure!