Because He Gave First, We Offer Him Our Best — PDF Manual & CD


This four-week stewardship program is built around four letters that have been prepared especially for this campaign. The message of each letter incorporates the theme of the campaign.

The second element of the package are brochures, which reinforce the warm, personal message of the letter with messages of stewardship education.

The third element is a faith commitment card, designed to move your members to action. Each letter mentions the card and requests that it be returned before the next Lord’s Day.

Bulletin inserts, the fourth element, are the most convenient way to reach members during your service with an entirely new message.

In addition to step-by-step instructions, the PDF manual shows the readable contents of each element of the program. For those who are on a very tight budget, this allows for manual entry into your computer for placement on your letterhead.

For those who prefer to purchase the entire program, print quality files for each of the elements, including images, are available in various formats on the program CD. The program CD also includes files for envelopes, thank you letter, bookmarks, poster, banner, and lapel stickers.

Please Note: Our Licensing Agreements require that your order must include the church’s name and address. Orders cannot be processed without this information. All stewardship sales are final.