Divine Moments

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 Divine Moments

50 Inspirational Stories of God’s Amazing Presence in Our Lives


Tell Me in What Ways You Are Amazed by God.

It began late one evening at a writers’ conference when published and aspiring authors were relaxing together at the end of a long day. First one, then another, and others shared accounts of how God had shown up in their lives in remarkable, inexplicable, and often, unexpected ways.

Their stories are our stories.

You’ll be encouraged, fascinated, and blessed by these true narratives. Some are sweet, some humorous, others serious. All are wondrous and inspiring.

They remind us we all experience Divine Moments — God’s presence in the world and his personal, direct involvement in our lives.

Divine Moments Happen Everywhere Every Day!



T. Davis Bunn, Joann Claypoole, Susan Shelton Dollyhigh, Diana L. Flegal, Theresa Jenner Garrido, Angela C. Gillison, Tommy Scott Gilmore, III, Deborah Harvey, Cheryl Hodde, Gina Holmes, Lillian Humphries, Eddie Jones, Terri Kelly, John Kincaid, Maureen Lang, Andy Lee, Marcia Lee Laycock, Yvonne Lehman, Lori Marett, Elva Cobb Martin, Wendy Mayo, Ane Mulligan, Vicki Moss, Deborah M. Presnell, Colleen L. Reece, Toni Armstrong Sample, June Schmidt, Patty Hall Smith, Cindy Sproles, Nate Stevens, Fran Strickland, Ann Tatlock, Sarah Loudin Thomas, Gene Everett Weatherly, Jan Westmark, Deborah Lewandowski Woodward, Lora Homan Zill

All author royalties from the sale of Divine Moments will be donated to Samaritan’s Purse, a nondenominational evangelical Christian organization providing spiritual and physical aid to hurting people around the world.


Divine Moments
Compiled and Edited by Yvonne Lehman

142 pages

ISBN 10: 1-60495-006-4
ISBN 13: 978-1-60495-006-9