Are Your People Giving As They Should?


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Never in the 25 years we’ve been producing stewardship programs for churches such as yours have we seen pastors as concerned over finances as they are now. And with good reason. Giving has plummeted…dropping by over 62% in just two years recently. The number of tithers has decreased from 8% of those who give to just 3%. The proportion of households headed by young adults who have never tithed and don’t plan to is on the increase. Yet for many churches, the need is greater today than ever before.

Your people want to give. In fact the vast majority of Americans make charitable contributions…to secular organizations.

What that means for you is that whatever the approach you decide to use to get your members to support the Lord’s work through your church this coming year, it has to include education!

If you’re like most church leaders, you’re looking for a program that not only motivates people to give today, but also instructs them in the basics of stewardship for tomorrow. Of course it must be Bible-based and low-key. If only a few of people from the church can run it, and reach each member during services and in the privacy of their own homes, even better!

We want to offer you the opportunity to use just such a program – Successfully Funding Your Church’s Work for Christ, a stewardship campaign you can conduct entirely by mail or email from your church office.

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The program is available as a downloadable PDF manual, with accompanying CD. The manual itself provides you all the information and instructions you need for conducting a total stewardship program built around bible-based letters sent out over a four-week period. The CD, which ships from our warehouse, contains printable full-color files of each campaign component with, or without, the message.

If you prefer to adapt the message for your church’s specific needs, the CD also contains editable text files of each component, and color jpegs of the logo, scripture reference and text files, to use on your church’s letterhead.

On one CD you have everything necessary to produce the entire program right in the church using a color printer or photocopier. The directions are in the manual. It’s so easy anyone who does a church newsletter can do it.

And there’s a bonus! If your church prefers to have the items professionally printed, you’ll have files designed specifically for that purpose – the same type files any publisher would take to a printer – right on the CD.

You have many stewardship options these days. But most are very expensive. We encourage you to select this tried and proven approach that allows you to be a good steward of your church’s finances, too.

If there’s even the remotest possibility that the program you use now might mean your members won’t give enough to the Lord’s work to do all the things you need to do in the coming year, act now.

A lot rests on your decision.

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